My journey to Australia


Pronounced as [mel-ben] with australian accent, Melbourne became my first place to visit, mostly because of the good localisation and good (cheap) connections with Europe.

At Pekin airport 

My first impressions at the airport in Beijing are not very intense. You can definitively learn a lot about the airport, China, and its airways once you get here,  cause there are the educational videos everywhere:

The airport was built for 50 years…  total of occupied space is 1.4 million meters square… 1400 daily aircraft movement, 202 cities connections.. more than 40 million passengers every day…

There are some nice places to visit and play here


like this panda’s playground

or this fake garden, where I found a good spot to take a nap…



Free WIFI connection and free drinking water are everywhere, but only the second worked for me as I couldn’t upload anything on my mobile phone and just received the notification of a few emails but couldn’t even read them.

I am still too tired to do more than just being a lunatic  at this airport, while according to the Pekin’s time, it’s already 4 pm and sunset, but for me it should be still 9 am…


Coffee costs here more than rice with chicken in curry… hmm something is wrong, but the meal was delicious


And of course there is a face of Mao Zedong on every bill, but no need to show it here also!



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