Most people when hear Great Ocean Road, picture it with the Twelve Apostles site, which is of course a real treasure of nature. But when you are a surfer, like my friend Pete, originally from Melbourne, you will mostly have in mind all these beautiful beaches that you can find on the road, starting with the most popular one “Bells beach”, the home of the world’s oldest  competition the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.



Just before and after Bells beach you might find : Torquay beach, Lorne beach, Point Addis, ….all offering so big, shiny waves

 just enjoy



There are many schools of surf, the most popular are at Tourquay


The only equipment you need is a surfing board, wetsuit, sun cream and good vibes!

P1010143.JPG P1010146.JPG



My first experience of surfing went pretty well. My eyes were burnt still a few hours after coming out from the water,  because of all the salt and the sand from the ocean… oh yes,  it is recommended to catch the waves which are pretty high and strong, so before you learn how to ride on them, you struggle and before you will stand up on the board and maintain the speed, you will probably fall down into the ocean like me… but maybe not so many, many, many, many, … many times











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