Christmas in the summer

Where a snowman goes for dancing? 


Christmas during the summer period is something so unusual and really original for a such a traditionalist like me.. how can you experience the Christmas without any snow and when it’s 30 degrees Celsius outside?!Well, this traditional  snowy Christmas becomes either a very cool garden-party with some friends, either it just transforms itself into a bikini-lunch  on the beach or at the pool 🙂

I had a chance to experience all this different various Christmas-options:

Starting with a barbecue with my fantastic Indian hosts, Malika and Mani with whom we had a lovely lunch with mostly mexican food


like nachos, many salads, tacos, tortillas and grilled corn


We also prepared dumplings, something very similar to polish “pierogi”


with some smashed banana covered with cinnamon inside.. what a delicious combination though! We also added a little pieces of chocolate and then we fried everything on the butter and served it with vanilla ice creams…. TASTES LIKE HEAVEN 🙂 🙂

I also got a sacred sweet, laddu

which you receive at the temple. It provides you the nutrition as well for the spirit and is a symbol of good luck!

So where does the snowman go dancing? You don’t know you just lost the game!


Try again!

Do you know what does an angry kangaroo? (The answer is: He gets hopping mad )


Anyway, just ENJOY. All the traditions can mix at this modern level of life and because the climate is so sunny in Australia you might wanna cool down with close people and hang out with them outside of the house. If of course that’s what you want


And Happy Christmas!



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