Discovering Australia

Road trip part two (adventure in the mountains and scenic driving until SA)

Australian landscape (Victoria and South Australia) doesn’t need a lot of words. Just a couple of titles for soundtrack like “Riptide” by Vance Joy, “Reptile” by the Church, or “Magneto” by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  which is good for the night driving…

Cape Jervis, SA

IMG_0094.JPGMcKenzie falls, Grampians National Park, VIC

Our Road Trip was inspired by an itinerary called “Great Southern Road”. Usually, if you choose this path, you start your journey in Melbourne and then after passing by Great Ocean Road you turn into inland, towards Grampians National Park or Arapiles (a beautiful place to practice hiking and climbing, both in perfect conditions, because the mountains are not very high – Mont William 1116 m is the highest point).

Lake Wartook, VIC

By looking for a place to stay near to Grampians, we chose to visit one of the biggest lakes in this area, which is Lake Wartook. We found here a beautiful camping spot, free of other neighbors and offering a fantastic scenic view, as well as a calm and romantic atmosphere…

Mitre Rock, VIC
Mount Arapiles, VIC

A day spent in the mountains went nothing as planned.

First, we couldn’t find any good track, then got caught by rainy showers, we decided to hide ourselves in the rocks, where  was nothing but spiders 😦


Just before coming back to the lake Wartook to spend second night at the camping, we were driving along the Grampians mountains.

The weather was humid and the air heavy, so I felt asleep in the car.

Woke up after maybe 30 minutes, because of all this shaking… and saw by the window we were on the road littered by stones… 600 m above the ground, and the car was dancing so much because of all the little rocks, just at the edge !!!!

It was probably the craziest moment during this trip. After driving to the top of the mountain and then downhill at the opposite side, we found the information  board saying that the track  was closed for driving.. Happily the only reason why it was excluded from the movement was because the track has been a little bit neglected.. I mean there were no holes or impassable moments.. cause once we got on this way, there was no turning back and luckily we got to the end of the road without any problems (just a little bit shaken up)


Next day driving all along the coast, after this little adventure inside of Grampians Park, were very calm almost boooring.. 🙂  but offered us  many incredible views and colorful landscapes of Australia 🙂

Salt lake, view from Princess Hwy, SA
IMG_0346.JPGNarrung, SA
Lake Alexandria, SA
Cape Jervis, SA


Port MacDonnel, SA
Cape Jervis, SA

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