Surfing part 2


I moved for a couple of days to Torquay, which is really a perfect place to spend summer holidays in Australia.

Sunny and beautiful stop at Great Ocean Road, it is famous for the surf coast. Here, my friend Pete who is a surfer, spends most of his free time. If you are often in Torquay, you can rent a caravan place at one of the caravan’s parks, just 5 minutes from the beach. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any place, because it’s tooo beesy [beesy=busy – aus. accent :)] during summer vacations. I found another solution, which is a little backpackers hostel, one of the most famous stops on the international tourists track. Many people just visiting Melbourne or Victoria region stay here.


Each day during the summer holiday starts in Victoria very early. The sun is already at the top about 7 am and about 8 am you can see most of the people going out for a walk, jogging (at the beach), or just preparing themselves to work (lifeguards, surf intructors, …)



As I said, Torquay is a very touristic place, but mostly a place known by every surfers in Australia.

Only 8 “kays” [kay=km] further, where you can go by foot by following the Surf Coast Walk track, you get to the most professional coast, Bells beach, which is a home for the best surfers in the world.


This little spot with many waves on the photo (just above) is the Bells beach.


And that’s how it looks when you get closer …

Surfing is just sooo FUN! And what I’ve learnt already is that not all the waves give you the same propulsion, some of them arrive literally from NOWHERE and they push you with such a great speed that you get a free ride for a couple of seconds!

Also I really didn’t expect that it would be such a fantastic sport that makes you want to stay in water for hours.. and just wait for a ride!




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