Driving from oceanic Otago to alpine area

New Zealand, where is it? Part 2


Mountains, the universe apart, with their own laws, inhabitants, paths, crossings and networks.. You can’t move them, so they will still be here even if all the rest of the nature is being destroyed or hidden somewhere in between  huge cities.

I was really surprised when I first discovered it on map, but then also in reality, that New Zealand has such a tall and various chains of mountains, especially on the southern island..

But first, a little paradox to begin the story of our beautiful journey with my German friend who  lives here for 6 years.

Our journey started in Dunedin, situated just at the seaside and being influenced mostly by oceanic climate. Althought it takes a little bit about an hour drive to get into a 6 degrees hotter and very dry area, with many rocks and tracks to discover, reminding  California or Arizona landscapes!

IMG_0938[1].JPGDriving from Dunedin to Queenstown

As far as you approach Cromwell, all these rocks has become  bigger hills, with interesting constructions preventing them to fall down

IMG_0972[1]                    Driving from Dunedin to Queenstown

Cromwell is a very nice place to pause the journey. First, you are being welcomed by a  giant fruit sculpture which reminds you to eat healthy as well as about the big abondance of this product in the area. Cromwell is as well a timeless place, where all the traditional architecture and lifestyle are being prevented by being completely integrated into urbanistic frame.


Just a half of hour later, by approaching the Queenstown area you arrive into alpine area, where the big hills, become very impressive mountains going at some moments   even above 3000 m high


P1010596.JPG                            View from Queenstown hill (907 m)



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