Why some places are more attractive for tourism than the others?

Paradoxes of New Zealand Part 2


By definition, a tourist is a person who travels for pleasure, usually to sightseeing and staying at hotel. Some of people though,  decide to travel not just for holidays, but because they want to discover new places and meet people, and that usually changes everything.. and most of all, it changes the way you are choosing your destinations and the path to go there as you are almost all the time out of the touristic trail 🙂 So eventually, maybe we should ask ourselves what does it mean today that a one place is more attractive for tourism then the other?


P1010660View from Mount Cargill (680m)

For me Dunedin in Otago,  is for the moment one of the best places to explore, not very touristic one, although it is being visited by many people from around the world. But for so many reasons it could fit to the definition of where people loves to spend summer vacation.

Some of them, are (I hope) shown on the photos.. fantastic places with natural beauty that pops up from everywhere, as the city is embraced by many green hills.


Once you enter and follow the tracks inside of the forests, you can find yourself in the middle of the ferntree jungle for example

P1010543.JPGSt Clair

The other one reason why the city is so extraordinary would be the presence of the ocean and  beautiful beaches with a high surf

26972012_10215044609608023_1628776260_oTomahawk beach

and  I haven’t seen all of them yet…

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