Moments in nature (New Zealand)

P1010906.JPGOtago peninsula

Before even considering to come to New Zealand I was asking myself, what would be the most fascinating thing to discover here. What makes this place so different from Europe for example? Is it just because I am being so far away home that I feel so strangely desoriented…?

I think I found a part of my answer while visiting the southern island, and mostly, a very little part of it, the Otago area.

We are constantly confronted to all the dangers that our own civilization has caused, we often forget what it means to live in accordance with nature. We just think that the nature is a big storm coming and destroying our houses, or a hurricane or a heavy rain….

It is difficult to define right now in a positive way the moment in nature because there aren’t many places in the world where you can afford them. Most of people lives today in big cities and is spending a lots of time undeground because the metro would be the fastest way to communicate inside of the urban space.

And yet, the moments in nature are the best to practice the physical activities. You can expand easily your definition of a walk from 30 minutes to more than 3 hours and that’s completely normal. You don’t have to be an athlete to have a 10km walk, you can do it every time just because it’s a good weather. You can also choose to do the double by bike

P1010893Otago peninsula

Also, by spending more moments outdoor, you re-discover that the best ambient creator is not a fancy restaurant, but actually the nature itself.

P1010684.JPGMount Cargill track

When being more exposed to the moments in nature you really pay more attention to the weather, while walking by foot somewhere can mean that you will be confronted to the rain for 40 minutes for example… But then, you are aware when the best sunny conditions come out and you can choose to appreciate more  how all is being re-painted just by one light and without any electricity.


to be continued


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