Hypnotizing dialogue between design and sea


Once you get to Sydney, there is no way to not to see the most popular and outstanding building in the world: the Opera House.

Who had this beautiful and inspiring idea of the opera building here in Sydney?

Was he English, Australian, Irish, or maybe not European at all?


Well, he was Danish

Jørn Utzon who studied architecture at the Copenhagen Royal Academy of Arts and who won with 200 other participants from all over the world in 1957.

I’ve learnt by visiting the place (while on the photos you might not notice it) that all the opera has the spherical shapes, but also, they have been constructed with little tiny concrete structures creating an elegant mosaic. After reading about the history of Opera House in Sydney, you can imagine how challenging was to create this kind of roof with these little shells ..

that looks like this:

Spherical Solution Model 1962_SLNSW a5717003u_1600x533.jpg.image.1800.600.high

A result is the fantastic dialogue of the universal geometry and of the design that is hypnotizing the place almost like the sea itself

P1010974.JPGBondi beach, Sydney


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  1. Matan says:

    Without a doubt one of the most iconic things about Sydney.
    It was quite jaw dropping for me when I first saw it, not because of its size (There are bigger buildings out there), but because of the shape and curves you so wonderfully explain here.

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    1. Thank you, I think I really appreciate when the architects try to use shapes coming from the nature directly, like Gaudi for example


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