Dreamtime stories


What is “dreamtime”?

It is a very particular period, called “golden age” in Aboriginal tradition, when everything has been created.

Dreamtime is fulfilled of stories of sacred ancestors, whose spirits exist in the present. They can be found in the sky, which is, for Aboriginal community, like a true textbook

skyHere Aboriginal people read the legends, morals and history retold from generations to generations.

One of the Dreamtime characters  Japara was a hunter. One day, when he was working, a man called Parukapoli came to visit Japara’s wife. He was a very good storyteller whose stories made Japara’s wife  forget about everything, especially about their little son, who started to crawl out nearby the stream where he finally drowned. After the return, Jappara became so angry and sad, that he killed his wife and the storyteller. After a while, he understood his mistake and he asked the Spirits to forgive him and to give him back his family. As he was honest, the Spirits replied him, that both his son and his wife are now living safely in the sky. As a punishment, he was allowed to leave the Earth but he has been sentenced to search the lonely sky world until he would find his beloved.

Timothy Cook, Awurlaga Japarra III (Past Moon), 2018

It is believed that the moon is the reflection of Jappara’s camp fire. The lines visible on the moon are reminding his scars, while the changing shape and position of the moon reflect his neverending journey.


to be continued

seven sistersAlma Nungarrayi Granites , Seven Sisters, 2013

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