The story about seven sisters from the sky

seven sisters

The story of Seven Sisters (also known as Pleiades)

One night the Seven Sisters decided to visit Earth, so by following the Milky Way they came down to Australia. They were admiring different animals, like kangaroos, emus, snakes, when suddenly seven hunters noticed them and called them over.

They were all very friendly, so they spent a very nice moment together, but when the Milky Way came back again the sisters had to go and climb on the sky.

They shouted “We must be back tonight so all the people all over the world can see us, our friends are waiting for us.” But one of the hunters took a hand of the smallest sister and started crying. “Don’t go, please!” She started to cry as well, but she couldn’t leave her sisters.

Until today, when we look on the sky, there is the youngest girl trying to catch up with her other sisters.

This story of Pleiades, has a completely different meaning in European history.


As greek mythology reminds, seven sisters named Pleiades, were half godess, born from relationship some of the Olympian gods maintained during years. They became stars to confort Atlas, who was keeping the world on his sholders.


The science might propose another story about constellation of Pleiades that we see here mapped in three infrared colors, …the story that took place 20 light years from here. Maybe in someone else’s dreamtime…

Sources: Reggie Sultan,






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