Gran Canaria – the island of contrasts


Gran Canaria, is considered as one of the most popular islands at the Atlantic coast of Northwest Africa, which is a part of Spain.

Most of tourists might think that the name comes from a beautiful, very colorful bird, Canary, but it’s the opposite. The birds got the name after the island.

The most common explanation of the name is the story about Mauretanian king Juba II, whose expedition found on the island a “vast multitudes of dogs of very large size”. That’s why we translate “gran canaria” by “island of the dogs”

Whole island is mountainous. Originally settled by the Canarii tribe of Berbers from the Atlas mountains which is now Morocco, although nobody is sure how a mountain people got here exactly.


Beautiful coasts are sunny almost everyday because of warm microclimate.


The southern part of Gran Canaria presents more desertic landscape, you can find here giant dunes but almost no vegetation at all.. sometimes there are even little sandy storms.


Surrounded by the ocean and enourmous sandy beaches, Gran Canaria became one of the surfing top one places around the world!



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