Less known parts of New York

img_7092How does it feel to wake up somewhere and don’t know where and when you are?

Isn’t it essential for traveling to discover less known parts of some very well known places, like such big metropolis, let’s say for example… New York City.

Since Manhattan is the most known of NYC, you might be surprised that it takes only 1 hours to arrive  to the best surfing place in this area, Rockaway beach! ( I took a train line 5 to Brooklyn, and then a bus to get into Jacob Riis Park, but there are few other ways…)


Rockaway (Reckouwacky) depending on what translation is used, means “sandy place” or “place of our people” or “neck of the land” in Canarsie Native American language.  The Canarsie, as we can read in  different guides, were  the first people to live on the Rockaway Peninsula. (To be continued)


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