Ideas about re-cycled art (part1)


When in 1917, French conceptual artist, Marcel Duchamp, has presented for the first time his “ready-made” work of art, nobody thought that the idea of reusing or converting the already made products, would become the main subject of environmental discussion.

When you type in google search: “how to recycle”, you get a million of web pages with fundamental knowledge about the chemical process itself. You can of course find here or there, a lot of opinions and discussions about climate change and how the everyday tasks might influence environment at global scale. However, what shocked me is that, no one is thinking yet about the process of re-cycling in terms of a global & universal philosophy.

So maybe Duchamps project of transforming everyday objects into something else, could become interesting beginning of the thought about it, in a more literary way.

And while thinking about literature, I’ve decided to do something with all these proofs of my graphomania developped during years of different studies. Very first result of the ‘re-cycling’ idea has become to transform all my notes into mobile paintings, where all the thoughts are expressed by the colors and the shapes like on a real map.

P1020941Recycled memories. Place in the sun, 2019




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