Kotor. Italian heritage and slavic soul

Kotor Bay

Kotor Bay, 2020 (photo: AS)

Kotor has been under the influence of the Venetian Republic since 1420. After Second World War, the territory was attached to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, but since 2006 it is now belonging to the independent country of Montenegro.

Perast, Kotor Bay, 2020 (photo: AS)

Tourism in 2020 is strongly reduced because of coronavirus pandemic, but still, we try to move a little bit to take a little breath of fresh air.

Kotor Bay, 2020 (photo: AS)
Our fantastic balcony in Kotor, 2020
Cats in Kotor (so many of them), 2020 (photo: AS)
Gradski toranj, Kotor, 2020 (photo: AS)
Built in 1602 by Venetians
Cats again, Kotor, 2020 (photo: AS)
Eastern Orthodox Christianity is the dominant religion in Montenegro

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