Tour : Ostrog–Pluzine

Manastir Ostrog, 900 m, 2020 (photo:AS)

Monaster Ostrog was found by Vasilij Jovanovic (1610–71), known also as Sv. Vasilij Ostroški. Jovanović was planning to live the eremitic life on the saint mountain of Atos, but local inhabitants asked him to stay with them. He eventually decided to find himself a place in the rocks, where he started to build the monastery in late 50s of 17th century.
The remains of Jovanovic are still kept inside of the Upper monastery, the reason why a little chapel carved in the mountain cliff has become one of the most important spiritual destinations on the planet.

Carev Most, monumental historical bridge inear Nikšić town (photo: AS, 2020)

The monastery is situated not far away from highway leading from Nikšić, and can be visited during the same day with other attractions in this mountaineous parts of Montenegro, such as Lake Piva (Jezero Pivsko).

Bridge on Piva lake, leading to P 14 also named R 16 – Zabljak – Trsa – Pluzine road, a beautiful scenic road across Durmitor National Park (photo:AS, 2020)
Mratinje Dam (photo:AS, 2020)

Mratinje Dam, built in the Canyon of Piva River in 1975 is one of the highest in Europe (220 m). Construction of the dam has resulted in the flooding of the Piva canyon and in the creation of the Lake Piva.

While some of the houses has disapeared because of creation of the lake, the families have been displaced into a newly created small village, Pluzine.

There is not too much to visit in Pluzine, but we found the Restaurant Zvono particularly attracting not only because of delicious meals but as well to be remarkable for its decorations and jazzy style.

View from Pluzine on the Lake Piva (photo:AS, 2020)

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