More koje vam nedostaje…The sea that you miss in Herceg novi

Herceg Novi (photo: AS, 2020)

Strategic position at the entrance of the Boka Bay, has made from Herceg Novi an important city. Tvrđava Španjola (Spanish fortress) due to Spaniard owners of the city for one year (1538-1539), is only one of three other fortresses (Kanli Kula = Bloody Tower and Sahat Kula=Clock Tower), finished under the Ottoman Empire, ruling those days in the Balkans. (The Turks conquered Herceg Novi in 1482, and ruled for 200 years, until 1687)

Today, another aspect of strategic position of Herceg Novi seems more important: its warm climate. Many villas and appartments are situated here just a few meters from the beach, at Pet Danica Walkway. The numerous restaurants and bars and almost all the time sunny microclimate, make of this place a fantastic destination for summer holidays.

If you dream about falling asleep while listening to the sound of the wave, coming from the real ocean a few meters from your bed, then Herceg Novi is the best place for you to visit. Or, more koje vam nedostaje… which means in Serbian, that you are so close to the sea, that you miss it.

Stari grad, Herceg Novi (photo: AS, 2020)
“Mimoza bookshop”
(the smallest library in Herceg Novi)

The center of Herceg Novi presents everywhere remains of the foreign occupations from the past.

The story of Turkish rule and many others legends about the Balkan people has been now collected together in a very small book written by one of local artists, Radivoje Medenica Medeni.

I appreciated the most the legend about the beginning of the world, which attorns us to the very moment of the God’s creation which is the moment when God starts travelling: “(…) After having spent centuries on doing nothing, God fnally woke up and started travelling. (…) While it was so hot, he had to dive into the sea and when he came back on shore, there was a grain of sand under his nail; Earth became from that grain.” (“Legends of the Balkan Peoples”, Radivoje Medenica – Medeni; published by “Mimoza”bookshop)

Monument to The King Tvrtko I, Herceg Novi (photo: AS, 2020)

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