Budva Riviera …”I have shored against my ruins”

Old town, Budva (photo:AS, 2020)

“I have shored against my ruins”, wrote T.S. Eliot in “The Waste Land”, suggesting that the only way to salvation from the chaos of modernity (and I would add, from any other kind of chaos, such as chaos of information, that we experience everyday), is through necessary confrontation with the labirynth of fragments and ruins from our past.

Budva, view on the Old town from Vista restaurant (photo:AS, 2020)
A short impression from a very sunny moment in Budva (video:AS, 2020)

Today counting only around 18 thousands of inhabitants, Budva is nonetheless considered as the most important touristic resort, re-built and re-organised in Mediterranean style. As well as Kotor, the city has been under reign of Venice until the end of 18th century.

Budva (photo:AS, 2020)
Statue of ballerina dancer, Mogren beach (photo:AS, 2020)

On the Balkan Peninsula, you can meet many monuments dedicated to famous politicians, actors, heroes-liberators, fallen defenders, pioneers, etc which confirms how people want to confront themselves with the past. Although, there are also examples of contemporary creations, such as the beautiful dancing ballerina statue, made in bronze by Serbian sculptor,  Gradimir Aleksich. Situated between Mogren beach and the Old town, and surrounded by rocks, this artwork inspire production of numerous legens about the origins of the sculpture.

View on the island Sveti Stefan (photo:AS, 2020)

Another imminent place on the touristic map of Montenegro, a small island called Sveti Stefan, lies just a few kilometers from the center of Budva.

During the 15th century the fortress has been a place to hide for local inhabitants from Turc invasions, but since the second half of the last century, the island is closed from public access.. becoming a mysterious place hiding Montenegro’s secret stories.

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