Mysterious Virpazar. Montenegro. Lake Skadar.

Virpazar (photo: AS, 2020)

In such a small village like Virpazar, which population in 2011 was around 300 inhabitants in total, you are not expecting to see such a variety of different professions and talents. However this lovely town can be proud of its local artists and artisans.

Shop where you can buy products of Ljilja

One of them is Ljilja who is producing by herself very colorful and joyful motifs of flowers and lake creatures, that you can buy in form of magnets and small jewelry.

Different shapes are coming out of the mould, but various colors are made from recycled bottles, which Ljilja bakes in 800 degrees Celsius, in order to melt the glass and fulfill groove pieces.

These beautiful and cute fishes, octupus and water lilies, are reminding the positive face of Lake Skadar, over which Virpazar lies.

However there is also a dark side of this small, charming village, that we’ve heard from a local fisherman. According to the legend, from time to time, during winter when people are gathering together around Rakija, to keep themselves warm, a ghost of drowned woman appears on the lake. She awakes currents on the water and boats start to sink…

Lake Skadar (photo: AS, 2020)

But when spring comes back again, a good spirit of Zoran stops all bad ghosts that appear on the lake and the local community can be safe again.

Lake Skadar (photo: AS, 2020)

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