Biking in Ulcinj

We were on our way from the restaurant Barracuda , the most popular place to visit in Ulcinj, a little islamic town situated the most at south of Montenegro, when something riveted our attention. On the map we saw a small place indicated as salina. We didn’t know what to expect, so when we arrived and the guide gave as the plan of the nature park we were really surprised.

Actually, the wetland is about 15 km2 and to visit the whole place, you need about 4-5 hours by foot. Happily, the guide offered us a bike tour for free. We saw that he had 20 new bikes for disposition of the tourists. So cool!

When we arrived it was already 5 pm, so we were expecting to see the sunset around 6:30 pm. Such a lovely scenery to take photos.

Ulcinjska Solana, photo : AS, 2020

The wetlands that we found that day, are remains of Zoganjsko Jezero, situated at the area of a natural lagoon in Ada-Bojana-Delta. Between 1935 and 2013 every year workers harvested about 60 000 t of salt. For this procedure sea water was pumped into the vast salt pans. The water evaporated due to sun and wind, the salt remained and was harvested by hand. With the seawater came as well many fish and other little animals, a rich food for birds and the basis for a flourishing biodiversity.

Ulcinj Salina, photo: AS, 2020

In the year 2013 the salt production has stopped, but Ulcinj Salina is a still a perfect place for birdwatching were we can observe 250 different species of pelicans, flamingos, gulls, etc..

Ulcinj Salina, photo: AS, 2020

At the end of this beautiful bike tour, we crossed local cows walking alone towards their farm.

We realized how lucky we are to be able to visit such lovely and preserved sites. Unfortunately birds and the ecosystem face a hard time and danger of disappearance. If you would like to be involved in protection of this unique and extremely valuable habitat , you can find out more information here.

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