Albania… What? (part 1)

14-16/05/2021 Tirana – Shkodër

Our plane has arrived at Tirana very late, after midnight, so our first ride on the streets and main road from the airport, were not at all representative. Because we really thought that the roads in Albania are empty.
In fact Albanian roads are always plenty of everything!!!! Not only of people, who are facing danger indecently and you can find drivers stopping in the middle of highways seem to sell fresh veggies, fruits, or rabbits.

17/06/2021 Tirana –> Szköder

All the roads in Albania are plenty of different kind of animals

16-21/05/21 Komani lake/Saranda/.. somewhere between Girokaster and Durres
16-21/05/21 Komani lake/Saranda/.. somewhere between Girokaster and Durres

Also, important to know in advance, is that the roads here are not very confortable for long drive.. it seems they are all still ‘under construction’. Thus, we would recommend for every driver to add additional time for each trip. For example even if google maps estimates that you can get from Shkoder to Komani Lake in one hour and a half (it’s only 60km long road), you should preview around two hours and a half at least to get to the port. And it’s not a joke

But the view of the lake compensates all the troubles to get there..

Komani lake

Natural sites and landscapes not polluted by occidental infrastructure are the strongest value of the country, which is, by the way, constructing lately its economy on tourism. In fact Albania is having similar ‘touristic’ potential as Montenegro, thanks to variety of geographical regions.


Wild, natural beaches as well as mountainous parts…

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  1. Emilia says:

    Really interesting part of the world! Keep posting more from Albania, hmm? 🙂

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