Journey through the clouds: Madeira’s highest peaks (Ruivo & Arieiro)

The highest peak in Madeira is Pico Ruivo, with 1862 meters of altitude. It’s the third highest peak in Portugal, only mountains on Azores islands are higher. Interesting fact is, that almost all pathway leading to the top, is wooded.. perfectly confirming why the island is called Madeira (‘madeira’ in portuguese means ‘wood’). Moreover, Madeira…

Kotor. Italian heritage and slavic soul

Kotor Bay Kotor has been under the influence of the Venetian Republic since 1420. After Second World War, the territory was attached to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, but since 2006 it is now belonging to the independent country of Montenegro. Tourism in 2020 is strongly reduced because of coronavirus pandemic, but still, we try to…

Place in the sun

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Place in the sun #1 Recycling the memories, work in progress thinking about different ways of  re-cycling the memories from distant places on the imaginary maps Creating individual map of visited places can become a mental exercise. It is a never ending process, re-cycling souvenirs and memories that…

Approaching the south – Road trip day 4

There are bio security or quarantine zones located within each of the states and territories of Australia. This is something so unusual for European people, because we are not used to be controlled at the borders inside of one country,

My journey to Australia

Pronounced as [mel-ben] with australian accent, Melbourne became my first place to visit, mostly because of the good localisation and good (cheap) connections with Europe.