“Blue” mountains

or “Carmarthen Hills” or “Landsdowne Hills” like they were called in 19th century, are beautiful mountains situated in New South Wales, about 100 km from Sydney.  Formed around one million years ago as part of the Kosciusko Uplift during the Pliocene Epoch, they owe the name to the presence of oil bearing Eucalyptus trees, that fulfill the atmosphere with finely dispersed droplets of oil, which, in combination with dust particles and water vapour, scatter short-wave length rays of light, blue in colour.



The best moment to appreciate this particular phenomenon is at dusk when the atmosphere is the most dirty.


Althought sometimes the blue color pops up also during a day.

When in the 1850’s Gold was discovered in the Bathurst district, Blue Mountains became a new destination for a lot of travellers, and that would be the origin of the Blue Mountain railways, that are in use until today.



Situated on the pathway, little towns like Katoomba, Leura, or Blackheath still atract tourism but not that much the mountains itself.


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  1. thibautdelp says:

    I’m in love with this place! Sadly part of it was burned last year during the bush fires crisis. Hopefully this year the fires will be less dramatic… but when you see how 2020 is till now, aliens coming from Saturn to invade the planet is more likely to happen than a normal bush fire season haha.

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    1. Yes, it was really sad to watch big fire in Australia.. and of course 2020 is the worst year in the history of our generation. If aliens come to our planet, I hope they will put some order 🙂


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