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On the picture: China 144 hours transit visa, december 2017

Some countries have very complicated visa policy. When I first read about the China’s policy, I thought that it transforms the country into some kind of imaginary flower, and each petal opens only for a limited amount of time and then closes again.


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24201259_1784282484979531_129245902_o“Chronography”, dynamic maps, 2016

Project with Anne-Christine Bronner (CNRS-Strasbourg) and Olga Kisseleva, presented at the exhibition “Place in the sun”

Chronography shows how various travelers go to the same place, by using different means of transport. The visual work, done by Anne-Christine Bronner, pointed out that we live in an extremely unequal society, and that distance between us is almost at the cosmic level.


Place in the sun, artwork (2010-..)

The expression “place in the sun” recalls so many different meanings depending on the context of the mapping. What about bringing the context of paintings and the astronomy?

If the sun is like a comet, dragging the planets in its wake, it’s because everybody wants to have his own place in the sun. Cartography is a mean of visualization of this battle, between different political, sociological or environmental forces, established on the mappemonde as countries.



Place in the sun #1

Recycling the memories, work in progress

Different ways of re-cycling the memories from distant places on the imaginary maps

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