Montenegro’s “Wild Beauty”

Durmitor National Park

In front of Sedlena Greda, Durmitor National Park (2020)

It is highly recommended to get a car once you get into Montenegro, because you can then take one of the fantastic scenic roads leading across the mountains. Our favorite is P14 (also named R16) , which goes all the time above 1,4 m above the sea level. You might expect here wonderful views all along the way from Pluzine to Zabljak (although many people choose to go the opposite direction) and particular view points on Sedlena Greda, Prutas or Valovito Jezero (Valovito Lake).

View from Montenegro on Sutjeska National Park in Bosna i Hercegovina (photo:AS, 2020)
Modro jezero, near to Zabljak, Durmitor National Park (photo: AS, 2020)

After passing Zabljak, probably the most known as a good ski resort, you might arrive near to Tara river bridge and/or Crne Jezero : both are worth visiting and they are located within a very close area surrounding Zabljak.

View from Durdevica Tara Bridge (photo:AS, 2020)
Durdevica Tara Bridge (photo:AS, 2020)

Tara river got its name after Autarijati tribe of Illyrian people that lived here before Slavs came. It is the Europe’s deepest canyon, also called the “Colorado of Europa”, as on some places is 1300 meter deep.

The Durdevica bridge is 365 m long and according to some of Balkan’s legends, fairies have helped to build it. Unfortunately, during WWII the bridge has been destroyed and again restored just after. In 2018, so recently, China has promised to allocate 40 million yuan or slightly more than 5 million euros for the reconstruction of the Bridge, which, in addition to external repairs, will also include a fundamental reconstruction of the bridge’s supports.

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