Mysterious Virpazar. Montenegro. Lake Skadar.

In such a small village like Virpazar, which population in 2011 was around 300 inhabitants in total, you are not expecting to see such a variety of different professions and talents. However this lovely town can be proud of its local artists and artisans. One of them is Ljilja who is producing by herself very…

Now, where is it?

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It is not Switzerland, nor Austria or other country with Alps inside of the photo’s frame. What is fascinating about this place, is that, you can dream all along the journey from one city to another and waking up in a complete different reality. It’s not in China…

Surfing part 2

I moved for a couple of days to Torquay, which is really a perfect place to spend summer holidays in Australia.

Approaching the south – Road trip day 4

There are bio security or quarantine zones located within each of the states and territories of Australia. This is something so unusual for European people, because we are not used to be controlled at the borders inside of one country,